Monday, January 30, 2017

Roots an album Reviw

Let's go back to our Roots.

The band Sepultura is a metal act from Brazil, and in the metal community are known as one of the foreign metal bands. They have been around since 1984
but have no original members anymore. Their two most
known band members Max Cavalera(Guitar/vocals)
and Igor Cavalera(Drums) are brothers that have since split from the band Max leaving after the release of Roots in 1996, Igor would leave in 2006. Max would go on to have a successful career in the Band Soulfly where he would provide guitar work, vocals, and be the lead lyric writer. Igor however after leaving Sepultura would be asked by his brother if he wanted to start another band and that band would be known as the super group The Cavalera Conspiracy. Now in 2017 the band is going to playing the entirety of the 16 track classic Roots the last album they played together in Sepultura and the album they are most known for.
I am going to seem them on March 2nd at the Hawthorne this year and I will do a review of the concert afterwards. So in the spirit of Sepultura I will review this album track by track. Just a warning this album is considered explicit, now that I warned you, you can't get me in trouble.

Track 1/16 Roots Bloody Roots: The track starts off peaceful enough with the sound of nature in the background but it does not take long the extremely down toned guitar to kick in and you start to hear Max scream Roots Bloody Roots. There is an element of tribal music throughout the whole album but this is their more standard sound. This song gets an 8.5/10.
Track 2/16 Attitude: This track starts with Max playing a berimbau, and an eerie voice in the background. Like the last track it doesn't take long for the song to go full power and have every member play as loudly as they can. Fun fact this songs lyrics was written by Max's step son who died not long after the album was released. In total this song gets a 9/10.
Track 3/16 Cut-Throat: This transitions smoothly from the last track into an angry and fast hate anthem. The lyrics seem to be about business men who treat humans horribly. This song gets a 7.5/10.
Track 4/16 Ratamahatta: In this track we hear the tribal sound go into full affect in this song. For the most part they are speaking in another language. This song has very little modern instruments such as the bass, guitar, drums. This song also has a great music video like Roots Bloody Roots and Attitude which I highly recommend that you check out. This song gets a 10/10.
Track 5/16 Breed Apart: This song has a very tribal feel in the be while still maintaining all of it's heaviness. I don't this song is the best but I do love this track the scream isn't as low as the other tracks it's mostly high screams. This song gets an 8.5/10.
Track 6/16 Straighthate: This track has a much more early Pantera feel. This song is just anger, nothing more nothing less. This is probably the most angry track alongside Cut-Throat except it's better. This song gets 9/10
Track 7/16 Spit: Spit is considered the most heavy track by critics. I don't necessarily agree with the critics but this is the most chaotic track off the album. Spit in my opinion also has one of the best screams in the whole album. 8.5/10
Track 8/16 Lookaway: This track is like Straighthate except it's somehow heavier in the instrument department. This track has a more sludge metal feel than the rest of the songs. This song isn't as good at the other tracks 7/10.
Track 9/16 Dust: Dust what can I say about this track. Um it's not the best it's not the worst either it's really an okay track like Lookaway. This song gets a 7/10.
Track 10/16 Born Stubborn: This is dads favorite track off the album and I would totally agree with him. It has the tribal feel that has been in the album for most of the songs. This track is probably the heaviest track in my opinion. It has a great use of Max's scream one of the best in the albums. The track also doesn't waste it's time unlike Lookaway. This song gets like Ratamahatta gets a perfect 10/10.
Track 11/16 Jasco: This calming instrumental track is just what you need to calm down before the last tracks start to kick in again. The only negative is there are not many instruments. This calming track gets a 8/10.
Track 12/16 Itsari: This track is like Jasco it's a tribal instrumental track except one it's longer and two there are more instruments being used. This track has a great tribal feel through and through. This gets an 8.5/10.
Track 13/16 Ambush: This track goes back to the more metal feel after the two instrumental tracks before and... it delivers. It's definitely more tame than the rest of the heavy tracks. But it's a good way to get us back into the heavy part of the album. There's not much more else I can say it's a great track that brings the pain after two calm instrumental tracks. This song gets an 8/10
Track 14/16 Endangered Species: This track has by far the best use of the drums. The bass also gets a lot of air time. This track it less focused on Max then the other tracks. This song gets a 8/10
Track 15/16 Dictatorsh!5: Just FYI that isn't the actual name of the track I'd just get in trouble for using it. This track is fast aggressive and heavy but it's also very short clocking in at about 1 and 1/3 minutes. This song is good but I think if it didn't feel rushed it would be better. Also the voice isn't as good. This song gets a 7/10.
Track 16/16 Canyon Jam: This ending track is a complete tribal jam with tribal instruments. It's also over thirteen minutes long. It's a complete instrumental and it closes the album off in a not so great way. This track gets a 6/10 the lowest score for the whole album.
This album gets a overall score of 8.5/10 it's a great album that isn't perfect but is really dang close.
Here is a link to the whole album on YouTube.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Is anyone interested in having their mind blown away? Well if so here's a list of what might be some of the best Christmas and Halloween movies of all time.
If you can imagine yourself telling a story about the movie around a campfire, and scare a bunch of 12 year old's. It's probably a good horror film. Now I understand that you could virtually tell any story to a bunch of kids and make it scary. I mean not to brag but it's a well known fact that I tell the best ghost stories ever. I once made a 16 year old boy vomit from fear. But that's besides the point. We'll start with my favorite genre classic horror. The original 1980 Changeling with George C Scott. Not the remake that had nothing to do with the Changeling. Something Wicked This Way Comes and Watcher In The Woods. Which are both great Disney horror movies. All the Universal horror films. Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolf man, The invisible man, Creature from the black lagoon, etc. The Original The Haunting. As well German expressionism so movies like The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari, which is a 1920 film and also Nosferatu 1922. All of those silent black and white beautifully shot films from Germany I love. Also The shining, Halloween, and The Thing. I guess you could say I've never seen a classic horror film that I didn't love.
Since the Holidays are barreling towards us like a freight train. Here are some wonderful movies to get you in the Christmas spirit. You can watch these with your grandma while you guys do puzzles. Home Alone, Scrogged, The Muppet Christmas Carol, A Christmas Story, Christmas vacation, and Miracle on 34th street.
Lastly here are just some films that I love but I'm not going to put in a specific category. All of Wes Anderson's films including, The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, The Life Aquatic, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Moonrise Kingdom. Edward Scissorhands, What lies Beneath, Ghostbusters, and Buffalo 66.
You can always feel free to refer back to this list if you're having an awesome one man slumber party with yourself and want to watch something good. Pajamas, prank calls, and blanket forts. Bedtime is for DORKS.

Here's some information about the movies...

Friday, November 18, 2016

Oregon homeless sweep
Brian Ceja

I love it when someone is nice to me. I feel hope and joy when I see a Person make an act of kindness to another person. The truth is people struggle. And humans should treat each other equally no matter their situation. In America there will always be different types of people. There will always be different races. Different jobs and earnings. It’s a true fact. We are all different. We have many different traits as people. But I think people should remember something important. We are all Human. Some people might have better things than others, and greater opportunities. But when the end of our days arrive, we will all end up in the same place. Six feet under our Earth. I have helped people in need. I have went out of my way a couple times in the summer and looked for homeless to give water and some snacks. I have given to those who need. And I did it because I wanted to. I was not obligated to give to strangers. I was not obligated to give my time to strangers. So many people help out these homeless and get nothing back, except for that feeling of restoration of a greater purpose to Humanity in your heart. The Spring Water sweep. Portland Mayor Charlie Hales is said to be in great favor of getting rid of the Homeless on the Trail. I am for the sweep. It might come off as cruel or rude to some people of how I and many other people are in favor of this sweep. But there are way better conditions for these homeless to live in. I care about these Homeless. I do, and that’s why I think they should be moved. There are many reasons why the area should be cleared.  
Image result for homeless
Courtesy to Matthew Woitunski
We as a Community should make the Community an important priority. The Homeless were bothering many Home owners around the area. I believe that everyone should try their best to put into the others interest in their Community.  I believe that everyone should but in effort to make everyone in their Community happy. On “The Oregonian” website Tony Hernandez wrote an article about the sweep. Spring water homeless sweep. “Many of the campers displaced were provided options for overnight shelter.” Although I do think the sweep was necessary, I think the city shouldn’t stop helping the Homeless. As I said in the beginning, we all should be caring and we all should help out each other. Yes many people live affluently, but we can all give to humanity and help out people in our Community. I am a strong believer in karma. I believe if people pitch in to help others, people will find themselves in a virtuous circle in their lives. What goes around comes around. If we help random strangers then maybe one day when we need we will be able to receive help because of our good choices helping others.
The 2016 Election

I’m disappointed in our country. Not because Donald Trump is now our president, but simply because it seems as if nobody knows how to be kind and respectful of others and their opinion. If you voted for and/or support Trump, great. If you voted for and/or Hillary Clinton, awesome. But just because you are angry that she did not win does not make it right to bash on people who voted for Trump. Doing so will not change anything. It does not change the fact that Trump is president. Do not cut people out of your life just because of who they support. Do not say “If you voted for him then you mean nothing to me because you clearly don’t care about my rights.” That’s immature. A mother literally packed her 10 or so year old son's bags and told him to get out of the house just because he voted Trump in a MOCK election at school. And she recorded the whole thing. If you watch this video, you see this little boy screaming and crying, he is clearly terrified and confused. Just because someone voted for him doesn’t make that person horrible. Who you vote for does not justify who you are as a person, but your actions do. Which leads me to the rioting and protesting going on… It needs to stop. The people smashing windows, car windows, stopping traffic and burning American flags are all Hillary Clinton supporters. Pretty ironic if you ask me, considering before a new president was elected, they were all preaching that we need equality, “Love Trumps Hate”, we need to love everyone, etc.. And they’re doing just the opposite. They’re tearing up beautiful cities like a little kid throwing a tantrum because he didn’t get his way. Everyone needs to grow up, respect others and just accept that we have a new president whether they like him or not.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Should The North Dakota Pipeline Be Built?

So what's happening? Well in North Dakota there is a tribe called The Standing Rock Sioux and they are protesting against Energy Transfer Partners who is trying to build a pipe which will be stretching 1,170 miles. But what's the fuss? The tribe is afraid that if the pipeline spills it will be very drastic for the environment, and that they are right.
Author: Devin Henry
Pipelines spill regularly but mostly in small leaks. But when they pour a lot of oil the damage can be massive. But if the pipeline goes up it will carry 470,000 barrels of oil in a single day. Meaning less use of vehicles and time on transporting oil. But it will create 8,000 to 12,000 local jobs during the construction with millions of hours in work time, according to Energy Transfer. The tribe claims that the pipeline will make water supplies unsafe and threaten sacred spots. So the questions comes. Should the build the pipeline?
Image result for north dakota pipeline
Author: Amy Sisk
No. If there is any question of a race and or ethnicity being oppressed the Native Americans take it for me. This is their land and we took it from them many years ago and if there's anything we can do to help and support them it is to keep their culture alive. If the pipeline can or might risk the health of the land or the natives then it shouldn't be built. And if the oil might leak into the Missouri River that's a risk and a lot of paper work to do. The Missouri River is also where a lot of people get their water from, which is endangering everyone too. And having sacred spots being dug up is wrong in it's self, if it's true. But the thing I can't wrap my mind around is with the law enforcement.
Author: Desiree Kane
As someone who takes interest and support law enforcement officers. I don't under stand that none or very little of them seem to find it a wrong. They have arrested 141 protesters and pepper sprayed some. This is just stupidly wrong. A big corporation wants to risk the health of the river and the people who get water from the river. And tear up the land that the natives pray and live on. Just so we can transport oil. According to the Native American population including Native Alaskans makes up 2 percent of the U.S. which is 5.4 million people. The more land we take from them the smaller their population most likely will become. So what should we do? Start or sign the petition or if you live near by or have lots of money, go protest with them! And if you're in law enforcement and you disagree with the actions being done in North Dakota send a complaint to the Departments that are involved with the pipeline. Native Americans where bred in the North America and we are destroying their habitat. So let's step in and help.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Ghost Concert Review

Two Hours Of Blasphemy You'll Want To Relive  

maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720)

Image Credit goes to Luis Quintal.
On the sixteenth of October 2016 Ghost B.C came to Portland, Oregon for the fourth time in the  Roseland Theater. I went to that concert with my dad and we had general admission tickets instead of balcony tickets, there were no chairs and you could be as close as you wanted. So was it worth the money and would I recommend that you go whenever they come to the area. First some information about the band, Ghost B.C is a heavy metal band formed in 2008 in Link√∂ping, Sweden. They have released three albums and two Ep’s. All the band members except the vocalist Papa Emeritus are called The Nameless Ghouls, The Nameless Ghouls wear almost the same clothing as one another. The Nameless Ghouls identities are also completely anonymous. Papa Emeritus is the vocalist that has the character of an anti pope with skull face paint. They are often described as having the sound of a hybrid of The Beatles, Blue Oyster Cult, and Black Sabbath. Personally I love the clean progressive rock vocals of Blue Oyster Cult, the dark creepy atmosphere that represents Black Sabbath, and the 60’s psychedelic style of The Beatles. Their songwriting is amazing and all of their albums are nearly perfect. So how was it live? To give my opinion about the show I’ll need to talk about the venue, the opening band, and then the main band. The venue the Roseland Theater was pretty clean and surprisingly the bathroom was also clean. The opening band was a two person group called Marissa Nadler, and they were pretty bad they were so mellow I almost fell asleep. But the main band Ghost was very accurate to their studio sound; from the instruments, to the vocals everything was on par During the encore part of the show Papa Emeritus gave a very long, vulgar, and funny sex talk before they played the song Monstrance Clock. Overall I would recommend that you go see Ghost B.C when they come to your area it will be worth your money. If you are not sure if they sound worth it here are some videos of Ghost that I was able to record when I was there.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Would You Want Your Little Girl Using The Men's Room?

A restroom for women and a restroom for men
Photographed by Tom Eytan
People should be able to use whatever bathrooms they decide that they wish to use. Now, think for a minute. Your little girl is forced by society to use the men’s room. Even if it’s just for a quick moment, doesn’t the thought of her in there disturb and/or shock you?

Now think that your little girl was born male. She’s still the same little girl in every way. However, now that she was born with a penis, it automatically damns her to use the wrong restroom for the rest of her life. It is wrong to give this life sentence of gender dysphoria to any individual.
A gender friendly restroom
Photographed by Mike Gifford
Some may say that bathroom choice shouldn’t be an option because it would allow people into a gendered bathroom that is not their own for reasons that are less than ideal. These arguments might bring up sexual or physical abuse of a person or persons. The reality is that people entering a restroom that wasn't assigned to them at birth are only there to use the toilet and get on with their day.

We as a society need to let people use whatever bathroom they want, no matter the gender identity. We're all just there to take a crap. The days of just two genders are over, and people need to recognize that.